The Nervoid Connection

We do not comprehend an object so much as entwine with it. We and the object quiver in a marmalade of probabilities, groping for a hold upon a node materializing between us. As we are prone to sense objects everywhere, we are drawn to a firmament of contact points, a field of seductions, a ubiquitous node.

This situation might be reduced to mere psychology: we bumble into phantoms of human attention, our integrated consciousness projecting upon the observed, conjuring up a soul, a point. But without proof of objects or consciousness, we cannot be sure our attention is inside you or me, within our minds or outside in the world.

So let us simply abandon the obsession to locate anything anywhere. We kiss goodbye both objectivity and subjectivity, science and art. We dissolve all arguments, acquiescing to an expression about the living node, about the charm of our world, which can be said with sheer presence:


We are this node.

–Ebon Fisher

©2006 Ebon Fisher